Biblia Virtual

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A virtual Bible compilation in Spanish


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Biblia Virtual is a tool that takes versions of the Bible that have been translated into Spanish so that you can access any Bible passage by just opening up the application and selecting the verse, testament, and author of the passage you want to read.

The texts, like the ones in the actual Bible, are separated into verses that you can copy and paste where necessary. The interface of this application is very simple and clear, and you only have to click on the authors of each testament.

Biblia Virtual includes three different books: La Biblia Reina Valera from 1909, the Reina Valera from 1960, and the Latinoamericana. Thanks to this software, you won't have to look in each Bible for the passage nor will you have to download files from the Internet that are sometimes incomplete.

Navigating this tool is really fast and practical, and additionally, you can get the Biblia Virtual updates from the main window of the program.